An insight into my life...

Step One; An Introduction


That was a wild year for me – many ups, many downs and a whole lot of emotions.

This is my year in review.

I started 2018 sick with Glandular fever, which carried out for some months. Whilst I was on the North American Tour for Aerial Skiing, I could not train properly, let alone get out of bed some days. Despite getting my first podium, I did not achieve what I wanted during the 2017/18 season and was frustrated with my performance.

As a result, I got cut from my Aerial skiing team.

From then on, I had a choice. I could either;

  1. Give up, move on and accept defeat.
  2. Find a way to make this work, come back stronger, and prove everybody (including myself) wrong.

I chose the latter.

So, I moved to Switzerland in June 2018 – and put everything I had into Aerial Skiing, to see where I could go and what I was capable of.

And this was the best decision I have ever made.

I spent the Northern Hemisphere summer learning new skills, but more importantly learning more about myself then I had ever before and really discovered why I do what I do. Why I love Freestyle skiing and why I will do whatever it takes to achieve this allusive dream of mine.

Spending 3 months mostly by yourself in a foreign country had its perks and also its negatives. Switzerland is one of my favourite countries (if not, my favourite), for the landscape and the people, but living on the other side of the world, where it felt like I was completely lost, alone and not wanted by my country was hard. There were moments of breakdowns that no one saw, a lot of tears and a lot of pain. But this also fuelled my fire to work harder and prove anybody who had ever told me I couldn’t do anything in sport or in life – wrong.

I worked through it, day by day, stair after stair, jump after jump. I surpassed goals that were set for me to reach, and grew happier with my sport and with myself.

I continued to train, and went to Ruka, Finland for a 5 week training camp with the Australian team. The first two weeks were frustrating due to no snow which meant we couldn’t jump. Despite the slow start, I managed to place 2nd at the first Europa cup of the year. I worked my way up to the skills I needed to reach which were Lay Full and Full Full on snow – which by the last week, I achieved! This secured me a spot in the Australian world cup team for the 2018/19 FIS Freestyle World Cup tour.

2018 taught me a lot. The biggest being you have to fight for what you believe in – despite what anyone thinks of you and what you’re capable of. Don’t let anyone put a limit on that – you decide that for yourself.

Let's see what 2019 brings – another year of challenges, another year of learning, and another year closer to becoming the person I believe I am able to become.


Posted by Abbey Willcox.